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"Rich has been our go-to blog writer for several years. There's no doubt that he knows a ton about the travel industry and can quickly turn around creative and compelling content within a few days. His pieces are always well-researched, insightful, and interesting to read. His conversational tone of voice suits our brand style very well. Frankly, he's our secret weapon for growing our blog readership! I'm so glad to count on him for any task big or small and highly recommend him to any company that needs expert help on copywriting."

"Frankly, he's our secret weapon for

 growing our blog readership!" 

Rachel Hong Marketing Manager at Travel

Rachel Hong

Marketing Manager

Travel Tripper & Pegasus 

As a business, creating the right image is pretty vital. 

This image is hugely influenced by the way you communicate with people. Whether it's the copy on your website, your social media content or your latest marketing campaign, the words you use tell a story. They tell customers why you're different, what makes you special and why they should do business with you.


Obviously, there's a world of difference between filler on a page and optimised sales copy. This difference involves understanding your audience and producing quality content that connects with them.


At its heart, effective copywriting encourages impassive browsers to move towards that all-important buying decision. It engages their attention, piques their interest and ultimately converts leads into sales.



So, what do you want to say? 

Every business has a core target market. To truly connect with the people in this market, you need to understand what drives their behaviour.


Dull and generic sales copy just won't cut it. You need to get specific, with targeted content that reaches out and connects with this audience.


What kind of language do they use? Are they driven by offers? Is price important or are they happy to pay more for a premium service? Every word you use needs to bear these questions in mind.


In the end, your content needs to dance and leap off the page, engage your audience and leave them thinking, "yep, these are the kind of people I want to do business with."


Get your messaging spot on and people will buy from you.



From experience ...

I'm a specialist travel copywriter with 15 years experience in the advertising industry. In that time, I've  worked with small start-ups and major international brands, producing tailored copywriting for multi-platform campaigns and devising complete marketing stategies.


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